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The How Of Growing Succulents The process of planting a garden is as easy as it is as fun and the following are some ideas. Gardening gives me this vigorous pursuit to find something new to do in the garden. I am however sometimes limited by time. Nonetheless, the activities involved can be completed with less time and resources. More interesting is the fact that kids can be part of this. With space being a limitation, it is important that I be creative. The thing about garden succulents is that they add vibrancy into the garden, diversity and even color. We can now explore.
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The first thing that will be necessary to have is a small planting space, a pot that needs to have a drainage spot at its bottom. Another critical aspect to understand is that succulents do not actually thrive in soggy soil, consequently, soil specific for succulents will be needed. You can choose to ether get the soil from a succulent grower or buy your own. Subject to time, one can get own cuttings as the succulents grow. Having your own cuttings will save on time and money.
How I Became An Expert on Resources
1.Put the soil into pot, make sure you leave an inch for the pot to be exposed at the pot Make some space for the succulent by digging the soil in your pot then proceed to put the succulent inside the pot, later cover its root with soil For the succulent to be exposed make sure you leave an inch of length. Remember to water the plant then place it in sunny spot. Put it in mind that too much fertilizer can worsen the growth. The best quantity of fertilizer (nitrogen) is 50{ed4e56446f86efcab1ccf3c4b9013aff60ad9a125231aac523171dcaaee7e87f} to 25{ed4e56446f86efcab1ccf3c4b9013aff60ad9a125231aac523171dcaaee7e87f}. Succulents growth can be better with or without an addition of fertilizer, provided all external factors are favorable but not cold weathers. You should remember to protect them from frost or snow, this may kill the plants. lots of good sunlight is best for the succulent. Remember that the succulent don’t need direct sunlight only indirect sunlight, so make sure to filter the sunlight by putting them indoor by near direct wind flow. The sizes of the pot may vary according to the number of the plants you have, a bigger pot is good for large number of succulent while smaller one is for just a few plants. Succulent hold lots of water in them so you better be careful when watering them, just put enough water. To water the succulent you should make sure the soil is dry first. To ensure productivity for a long period of time, then you should check that your soil is dry when you are about to water your plant.