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Benefits of Hydroseeding It is good to note that hydroseeding is the process of combining fertilizer, mulch and healthy soil amendments with water in a hydroseeder tank to create thick slurry when is then applied under pressure to the surface for seed germination and the development of the turf. Hydroseeding has many benefits some of which are discussed below. A known fact is that hydroseeding is the most economical choice when it comes to getting the growing results that one desired without the time consumption, expense, installation demands and material costs of normal seeding methods. Research has shown that hydroseeding costs half the cost of sod which when combined with the labor charges can be an astronomical expense. It is good to note that the method is also cost effective when compared to hand seeding as well and whereas the normal hand-sewn lawns take half a day to do with hydroseeding the same area can be covered in about an hour or one and a half hour maximum. Hydroseeding yields better results, cost savings, a healthier lawn and faster germination thus the costs of the hydroseeder equipment are very justified. A known fact is that the quality of lawn that a hydroseeder creates is much greener, healthier and longer lasting compared to hand seeding or sodding applications. It is good to state that when hydroseeding the root establishment is grown deeper into the soil and mitigates the shock of being transplanted into foreign soil that happens in sod methods. Hydroseeding performs well since the first time it is installed, and the seeds are more resistant to external issues because it has been altered to meet the present soil conditions. It is good to state that hydroseeding soils hold moisture better than hand seeded or sod types thus the seeds germinate quicker, and in addition, hydroseeding soils hold moisture way better compared to hand seeded or sod types thus the seeds germinate faster. A fact worth highlighting is that hydroseeding has less weed seed, a greater possibility of planting shrubs and trees, no soil layering and includes a tackifier coagulant that is not easily washed out.
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Hydroseeding creates a thicker, more regular lawn that consists of a mat of interlocking fibers that creates the ideal growing environment without the threat of seams showing up in sod or sparse and patchy areas that occur with hand seeding. A good fact to state that hydroseeding produces an evenly covered area that creates a barrier to keep the seed stabilized and retain fertilizer, moisture, and other healthy growth-enhancing nutrients while creating a full, lush lawn. The other benefit of the hydroseeding is that it can cover large, inaccessible and difficult to reach areas like steep slopes that are too steep for sod applications.Lessons Learned from Years with Resources