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Five Advantages Teens in High Schools Gain From the Education Life Skills The study of abilities and positive morals that make students in high school to deal with their daily needs and problems they encounter every time is known as education life skills. Development of life skills is a process that starts in early childhood and continues throughout one’s life. In brief, life skills are psychosocial competence meaning that they deal with both mental functions and social functions such as interaction between people. Thus, we can conclude that life skills are important to every individual basing our minds on the definition of education life skills. Below are some of the benefits of education life skills to the teens in high schools. Firstly, education life skills have benefited a lot of teens to develop interaction between them and also with teachers. The fresh teens in a high school have a fear of interacting with others and with teachers as well as the shy they have as new freshmen in the institution. Thus, this branch of advantages is in the broad sort of social benefits of education life skills.
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Education life skills are beneficial since it has some impacts on the productivity in the economy. This benefit is among the merits in the large group of economic benefits. Teens in high schools get the necessary life skills which enable them to have a constructive result on the economy.
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Thirdly, the next benefit that education life skills have to the teens is based on the broad category of health benefits where it helps in the prevention of diseases such as HIV and AIDS. Therefore, teens while in secondary schools get the awareness of the incurable disease that is, HIV and AIDS. Thus, the teens are in a better position of knowing means by which they can protect themselves from such diseases. Fourthly, education life skills are also beneficial since study help the teens to adopt and maintain cultural practices and avoid practices that may put them in high risks such as abusing drugs. Advantage of maintaining cultural practices is cont the general sort of cultural merits. Additionally, it is important to note that life skills have necessitated harmonious interaction between people of different cultures. Lastly, life skills education is essential since it shape teens to have better discipline by improving their ethics. Hence, a lot of teens adopt good behaviors when they get the moral messages via the life skills lessons. Some cases like absenteeism and teenage pregnancies have reduced with the help of education life skills . Thus, this shows that the life skills have a significant effect on the education where this advantage is among the broad category of educational benefits. In conclusion, it is desirable to note that teaching life skills leads to development of these disciplines that is, education, health, economics, culture, and social fields.